Crochet Around It: Cameo Tutorial

Many years ago, my boyfriend’s mother gave me a bunch of little cameos.  I believe she said something like, “If anyone can think of a use for these, you can.”  Sometimes I think she has much more faith in me than I deserve.  It’s taken me ten years (did I mention that I’m slow??), but I’ve finally decided what to do with them — well, sort of.

If you follow the Fates’ Guild portion of this blog, you may know that I like to crochet around stuff.  Thus it is no big surprise that I have crocheted a holder for one of the cameos (along with a few other things).

Cameo, Amethyst, Button and Glass Nuggets

Cameo, Amethyst, Button and Glass Nuggets

Crocheting around tiny things is not for the faint of heart (or large of finger!). The cameo I started with is one of the largest in my collection.  It is 3/4″ tall.

Cameo with Dime

Cameo with Dime

This tutorial is for a rectangular cameo.  In the future, I will post tutorials for covering oval-shaped cameos, round buttons and maybe some other shapes.

This tutorial is probably not great for beginning crocheters.  This is mainly because  your object is not likely to be exactly the same size as mine, so you will have to adapt the recipe to fit your object –literally.

Materials I used:

1 rectangular cameo
Vintage tatting thread (Star brand; 6 cord; shade 125)
No. 6 (1.00 mm) crochet hook

Row 0: Chain (ch) 13 (alter the number of chains to fit the length of your object)

Row 1: Single crochet (sc) in second ch from hook; sc to end (12 stitches total — or chains from row 0 minus 1)

Row 2: Turn; ch 1;  sc to end (12 stitches total)

Repeat row 2 until you have a rectangle that is the same size as your object.

Crocheting the Back Cover

Crocheting the Back Cover

Ch 1; sc, in front loops only, all the way around the rectangle.  This may be challenging on the sides as there aren’t really front loops.  Just do your best — the idea is that you are building a little wall around the base you just created. Slip stitch (sl) in the first sc to close.

Ch 1; sc around; sl closed.

Ch 1; * sc 1; sc 2 together (tog). Repeat from * all the way around (don’t worry if you end up with two scs at the end).

Put your cameo in the holder.

Ch 1. Sc 2 tog all round (or include sc as needed) to snug-up the cover.

Finish off. Use it in some fantastic way — attached it to a bracelet or necklace with thread or a jump ring; display it in a bowl with other baubles; use it in a shadow box or other art…  If you are so inclined, share what you do with your cameo or other crocheted object.

Have a drink. You did it!!


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